Article Library of Christian Thoughts December 11, 2018
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How to become a Great Driver
Joshua 1:1-9 To be a leader you must be a great follower. Exodus 17:24-32, Numbers 13:1-10, 2:12. To lead you must have followers, otherwise you are a man/women taking a walk. You have to know the promise, Be strong and obey God. Be obedient and eat of the fruit of the lamb.

Five driving tips for Faith Temple:
     a) you must have a plan (Joshua 1:3-4)
     b) It places you in a position of power-confidence (you must do it) Commitment
         "Be Strong in the Lord when thing may look bad"
     c) requires responsibility to you and your followers
     d) requires leader to pay attention, must be alert at all times.
          "Focus is a good thing, Never take your eyes off the prize."
     e) Driving requires you to ignore the back seat chatter.  Ignore people who try to distract.


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