Article Library of Christian Thoughts January 23, 2019
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It is up to you and me to want to know the living God more than anything in life. It is up to the Lord to make Himself known. It is up to us to want to both hear and obey Him. It is up to the Holy Spirit to make His voice real. Any deep relationship is built through quality time spent together.
This year, let us make the commitment to go beyond just thinking about doing great things for God, to actually attempting great things for God.
Commitment is not that popular any more but it should be. Because commitment to godly living will have a lasting, eternal impact upon those around you.
There are many committed people in this world but to what or to whom are they committed? To what or to whom are you committed?
In the 21st Century it will be easier than ever to fall away from the faith. It will be easier than ever before to seek worldly substitutes for God.