Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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Feeling anxious and overwhelmed about something you’ve agreed to do in God's name? Read one woman’s story of her leap of faith when she said yes to God’s call.
Loving your neighbor is sometimes as simple as opening your door and making room at the table for one more.
Reach out to your neighbors with a gift of Christmas joy that comes in little tins of cookies, simple conversations, and holiday goodies.
Bounty, if we allow it, can blind us to the needs of others for nourishment, recognition, and significance.
When God nudges you to do something, do not let nervousness or fear hold you back. Even a small commitment can have big rewards.
An annual medical missions trip illustrates how we are all the same in our dependence upon God’s goodness.
JOY held a Christmas Party for the women and children of the Adult Abused Resource Center. Ten JOY women brought the Christmas message of Jesus' birth and love, treat bags for the kids, gifts for the mothers, and lots of homemade cookies baked by JOY volunteers. We played games, read stories, held and rocked children and had a great time interacting with all.
Refuse to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God has called you to do yourself. Be that person!
A baby's death changes the natural order. The loss of parents or grandparents suits a natural flow, albeit life-changing and very difficult. But children? Without a doubt, children should outlive their parents. When they don't, it's simply devastating. When our baby was born still, our anticipated life's journey was irrevocably altered.
Volunteers from JOY International arrived at the December 2010 Community Embrace event with arms full of cookies, piñatas, music, games, goody bags and more -- everything necessary for a great Christmas Party! JOY hosted this event for the women of the Adult Abused Resource Center and their children.