Article Library of Christian Thoughts January 23, 2019
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When adversity comes at you, remember that God has the strategy you need to overcome it. As you seek God for His wisdom He will give you revelation and understanding beyond your natural ability. Your victory is not dependent on how great you are, but it is firmly based on how great God is.
QUESTIONS FOR YOU TO CONSIDER 1. How well are you running your race of faith right now? Are you consistent, or are you on-again, off-again in the way you are pursuing God's plan for your life? 2. If you keep running at the pace you're running right now, how long will it take you to get to where God wants you to be? Is it even possible to reach God's destination for you at your present pace? 3. What do you need to do to become more focused and less distracted? What do you need to remove from your life to help you stay on track and keep your sight fixed on the goal before you?
Conflict is almost a daily occurance today. We are confronted with poor customer service and technology problems are wrought with frustrations and seemingly no human solution! Then there are the daily issues with people you work with, vendors and customers. Christians At Work believes this is one of the most important issue that we can address. There are TWO main areas where Christains can be different from none we react to life changes and CONFLICT management! Jamie Santana is a faculty member of the Marketplace Training Center.
Cyber-gossip is the newest innovation in an ancient practice. Notwithstanding this new-and-improved medium for gossip, E-mail, the destructive effects remain the same. One now-former employee of a firm bears personal witness to this.
You may know from first-hand experience that conflict among Christians is costly. But just how costly is it?