Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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This lesson is not for dishonest Christians. It’s also not for Christians who, though honest enough to admit they are living in sin, still rebel against asking God for grace and new desires pleasing to Him. This teaching is for the Christian who is serious with God and who desires practical help in how to know God’s will in small and great decisions that will bring either happiness or heartache—victory or defeat—peace or turmoil—God’s will or Satan’s trap.
Paul was in prison, yet he was free. He knew that the sovereign Lord Jesus was in charge of his life. Paul could witness to the crowds in public or to a jailor in a prison cell. Jesus Christ had died for Paul—and no price was too great to pay to be a follower of the risen Lord.
That's 75,000 believers challenged to live as warriors for Jesus. To disregard obstacles and to only see opportunities to make Him known. To say "YES!" to Jesus and "NO" to self and greed. In this fark and frightened world, 75,000 warriors can do a whole lot of shaking!
In trying times it is important that we align - or realign - our words (both spoken and written), our thoughts, and our beliefs to line up with the Word of God. When things gets tough we must guard our hearts from agreeing with anything that is contrary to what God has spoken in His Word and prophetically. This article provides some solid Biblical truths to help us align with God during trying times.
I want you to know a little more of what motivates me and the team I lead. The Lord Jesus is more than my hero. Christ is my life, my breath, my reason for living. The Apostle Paul is my hero. He was just flesh and blood stuff—like me. But he said “Follow me as I follow Christ.”
I try to pattern my life after the Apostle Paul. He himself said that Christ had made him “a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him (Jesus) to life everlasting”.
Give your life to Jesus Christ and you’ll recognize in a hurry that there is a war going on for control of your life. That war is between God and a very real and subtle devil. That is why it is so awesome to get filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can recognize the signs and sounds of the battle and choose Jesus every time.
What—how—does God want me to think? Especially when I face trials, temptations and tests! He has given you and me His own heart and mind recorded in His love letter—the Bible. And since there is nothing more powerful than the Word of God, when we take time to memorize scripture verses, the Holy Spirit brings them to our remembrance when we need strength, wisdom and direction.
You will always face tests, trials and temptations. The Holy Spirit will use these memorized verses to make you an overcomer in every battle you must fight. Go to work. Don’t say “I can’t”. Philippians 4:13 says that you can!
Do you want God to become more real to you? Then start to hide important scriptures in your heart and review them faithfully until they are in your mind forever
If you have memorized basic Bible verses, they can take the Bible from you but they can’t take God’s Word out of your heart and mind.
Satan hates God’s Word. So does our old self nature. That’s why you must have basic verses from the Bible in your memory so you can test your thoughts and walk in the Spirit.
No excuses—whether you are a new believer or many years a Christian, these scriptures will help keep you true during the worst times of trials, tests and temptations...
Remember, there are three simple rules to successful memorizing of God’s Word—1) Review; 2) Review; 3) Review.
Hatred of Jews spreads again in Germany. Israel is being isolated by those who are filled with devils. People in Africa are dying of Ebola. Immoral living in America and Europe is the new norm. Bible believing Christians are hated—yes, hated!
Each Christmas the Lord stirs from deep within my spirit one of the Christmas Carols that speaks in a unique way to the times and seasons. This year, that carol has been O Come, O Come Emmanuel. The richness of the lyrics, melody and the harmonies seem to unlock heaven as Christ responds by drawing near. As Christ came in a little out-of-the-way place called Bethlehem, so He still comes to humble, receptive places that make room for him. A quick glance at Bethlehem provides some amazing insights about God's ways of choosing that are so very different from the world's.
Begin doing what you know Jesus would do, and then hearing His voice about other situations will be much easier.
Jesus is not physically walking upon this Earth today, but His followers are. Those who believe in Jesus are His hands, arms, feet, legs, and eyes upon this Earth today.
Then Jesus talks about three specific areas in which we tend to practice hypocrisy: Giving, Praying, Judging. So, the Word for you today is-----DON'T BE A HYPOCRITE!
Common sense is not always in opposition to the will of God, and a little common sense can help to protect your heart from becoming bogged down in the muck of the world.
Would you have to have your name legally changed to "Saint" before anyone would begin to think of your life as being saint like?
The question is: Has the Body of Christ alienated others by maintaining an air of perfection and superiority? Is it possible that rather than drawing people to the light, we have repelled them from us as a stench?
How can we as Christians stand up against the constant spiritual pressure, constant spiritual erosion of the world, the flesh, and the devil?
Healing Waters Wesleyan Church launched on January 9, 2009 and conducted a dedication service on April 19, 2009.
Sometimes we look back at our old life before knowing Jesus and we start to act and live like we used to.