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Just as a gang member "claims his set" by throwing up a hand signal, many of today's musical artists uses signs and symbols to claim allegiance to....?
Ring in the Independence Day weekend in with fashion from around the globe and the best networking under one roof at Fashion Fête NYC 2012!
Good Christian WHAT??!! Columnist Billy Delgado offers a rant, ahem, we mean, review of the new ABC Sunday night series that centers around hoity-toity southern Christian belles who gossip, backbite and fight all in the name of their Lord Jesus!
Actor Ashton Kutcher was cast to play Steve Jobs in a biopic about the co-founder and former chief executive of U.S. technology company Apple.
Reggae music. Jerk chicken. Carnival time. These are some of the only connections many make with Caribbean natives. But there is an emerging fashion market in the Caribbean that deserves global attention.
Fire in Babylon recounts the transformation of the West Indies cricket team from "Calypso cricketers" to the most successful and feared outfit on the planet. The "Windies'" rise to invincibility, which began in the mid-1970s, was led by a fearsome foursome of fast bowlers, many of whom featured prominently in this 82-minute documentary.
"What is it that makes us human? Not somebody you can program. You can't put it in a chip. It's the strength of the human heart. That's the difference between us and machines." The contemplative words of John Connor, albeit corny to many a moviegoer, closed another chapter in the saga that speaks deeply to the power of the unbowing resistance, compassion and sincerity peculiar to the human race. Directed by McG and starring Christian Bale as John Connor in post-apocalyptic 2018, Terminator Salvation depicts Connor as the man who is now fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. While writers John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris hold steadfast to the standard Terminator plot of man against machine chock-full of dirt-smeared rebel soldiers, robotic acrobatics and thrilling vehicle chases, an underlying theme of love for one’s fellow man is served up with just enough macho man fight scenes to not scare off its testosterone-driven male base.
From music to film to fashion, Nigeria, West Africa has produced some of the world’s biggest names bursting from the motherland, and, is itself home to a burgeoning art and entertainment scene currently influencing the world stage. The Nigeria Entertainment Awards, held in the Cramton Auditorium of Howard University in Washington D.C. on June 6, is an annual event focused on recognizing the ample contributions of Nigerian Artists to the entertainment industry across the globe. The event’s producer, Tope Esan, is dedicated to “promoting the image and rich culture of Nigeria and increasing the awareness” of one of the continent’s edgiest and fastest growing entertainment markets.
Vick was the face of the Falcons franchise after his selection as the top overall draft choice in 2001, and was once the NFL's highest-paid player. He was a three-time Pro Bowl pick and twice led the Falcons to the playoffs, including a trip to the NFC title game after the 2004 season.
What does it take to be good at something? I mean, actually good.

To hone a craft, you gotta be disciplined, ruthless, consumed by its intricacies and totally given to the structure and order governing that craft. That’s if you want to be good at ONE thing. I mean take, Olympics medalist Michael Phelps who swam 13 miles everyday, slept 10 hours every night and ate five times more than the average human, just to snatch up eight gold medals and break seven world records.

But, think how difficult it would be to apply that dedication to more than one craft. It could get you committed. Or, maybe - like Deion Sanders - you find Jesus.

Many times this sort of lunacy is the very lot chosen by the entertainer. The Barbra Streisands, the Will Smiths, the Debbie Allens.While the performing arts world is quick to dub certain artists triple threats (those who sing, dance and act), one may dare say these entertainers are most times barely believable at two of the three.