Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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Whatever happened to dancing with the guy who brought you to the party? When did we become such adulterous, unfaithful, fickle people? Columnist V. Knowles has got answers to the questions.
What do Usain Bolt and Jesus have in common? One word. Sacrifice. Take your uber-religious lens off for a moment and wrap your head around this analogy. Columnist V. Knowles helps readers draw a comparison between good and evil.
Imagenation Film Festival screened Skin featuring Sophie Okonedo on South African Youth Day this June.
In laying down some foundational truths about preachers, the Apostle Paul in Romans 10:14 asked this question: how can they hear without a preacher? On the heels of such a question, I further ask: and how can a preacher preach without a voice? If you’ve been ministering for some time, or you’re just joining the ranks, then you know this statement is true: no voice, no preaching. And there’s nothing more embarrassing for a preacher than to hear his or her voice going out in the middle of a sermon. So, know this my sister, your voice box is a very vital part of your body. It is this instrument that allows you to articulate God’s Word so that His people can hear it and be edified in the faith. Therefore, at all costs, it is important that you be careful to guard and protect it; for it is one of those things whereby we say, “if you take care of it, it will take care of you.” Find out how to protect this precious asset inside...
Ever felt disillusioned because a raise or other promised perk somehow never materialized? And the explanation of why included the reasonable-sounding explanation of an economic downturn or company restructuring?