Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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Healing is the Present Promise of God that one appropriates (Claims) by faith, Ask and you shall receive.
No matter what I'm thinking about or whose book I'm reading or who I'm listening to, when I think about God everything . . .
Many who have stood with us—even for over 50 years—have gone to be with the Lord. Will you pray that God will raise up others?
In this lesson Dr. Mannie L. Brodie teaches how God responds to faith and faith alone, and why it is critical for us to understand how to walk in faith. What faith is and more importantly, how to develop your faith.
There will be times the Lord will call you to a difficult task. Whatever it is, never turn back from what you know to be His will.
Keep praying though others are playing. Keep giving though others are getting. Keep serving others though others serve only themselves. Harvest time will soon be here!
I am intrigued by mankind’s thoughts on eternity. Some have had real thought put into them, others - not so much. Some try and make the vastness of it more understandable by breaking it down into smaller pieces, in an attempt to wrap one’s head around...
In my younger days, which was a very long time ago, I had this yearning to see the world. I had dreamt of leaving my job behind as a student assistant in a lab and doing something a little more exciting. Don’t laugh, but my job involved plucking bee lungs. Yes, you read it correctly. I...
Are you stuck in the same place trying to move forward in life but not gaining traction? We all face moments of being stuck, being in a holding pattern - the point is don't stay stuck.
In a series of the misconceptions of Christianity, V. Knowles shares about the great oxymoron of Christianity - it is exclusive and inclusive all at the same time!
Life is full of little things. But our faithfulness in these seemingly unimportant things can open the door to big things that matter.
Whatever your work situation, activate your entire heart as you labor, and watch what God can do in your midst.
Are You Listening to the Spirit? Has the Holy Spirit been speaking to you? Has He tried to tenderly direct you to do something that you have ignored? When are you going to be obedient? The Bible says, “For as many are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons are God (Romans 8:14). Good sons and daughters listen to their Father and follow His instructions.The Holy Spirit is the voice of God. Have you turned a deaf ear to His voice? Let me encourage you:
Wagons full of baseball-bat-sized zucchini can make a girl realize the fields really are ripe for the harvest and the workers truly are few.
Depending entirely on God can cause uncertainty, even anxiety. Yet the best way to get over these feelings is to step out in faith.
By Faith is a devotional that discusses and encourages individuals on how to obtain God's Promises through our faith in GOD.
What "God thing" has God done in your life? What would God do in your life if you placed your life in His hands?
I John 4: 1-4 (1)Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
Jamaican hat designer Karl Brown doubles as a preacher. His aim is to fuse faith and fashion in order to inspire the world.
The problems of morality, ethics and religion have befuddled mankind for a long time. They, over the years, have tried to create order and some sense of reason out of the chaos of life. Surprisingly, the book The God Questions does a decent job at setting the record straight.
Our resident Confession Booth queen Ana Valeska is on a mini-sabbatical. While away, pinch-hit columnist Shari Grant will serve up her own spiritual truths with a side of funny. Can you tell that she and Ana are buddies?
Does your word count for nothing? Are you a bum who shirks responsibility? Columnist V. Knowles regards faithfulness as the key to solving much of humanity's problems.
Are you Linsane? Well, you must be for taking the abuse, Lin. Or was it all in God's timing? Columnist Billy Delgado shares why Jeremy Lin was shrouded until just the right time. The 11th hour.
Just as nature has different seasons, so does the human being--we too have winter and summer seasons within our lives.
Columnist Ana Guthrie expounds on local studies that attempt to explain the 20something urbanite flight from South Florida to more "appealing" cities?