Article Library of Christian Thoughts ∑ January 23, 2019
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An unfortunate fact of life is most people will be severely hurt by a close friend. If you are not careful, anger and bitterness can destroy a great portion of your life. This article will provide some helpful guidelines to this problem.
We must learn to forgive ourselves of past transgressions. We must also examine our hearts for any unforgiveness we may have towards God.
If we trust God, we will make the choice that David made. We will choose to fall into the hands of our God.
Columnist V. Knowles gives us a cautionary tale about life, love and forgiveness. The human being's ability to love is further proof that the Christ lives in us.
Habits are developed after consistently repeating an action for, at minimum, 21 days. I canít recall when I committed 21 days to worry...
Jonah was the greatest obstacle to revival in Ninevah. In a similar way our lack of forgiveness may be the greatest obstacle to someone coming to know Jesus as their Savior.
In the name of Jesus, release your regrets and be free!! Whom the Lord sets free is free indeed. How often do you play the "If only" game in your mind? If only I had it to do over ... If only I had listened sooner ... If only I could erase the past ... If only I could forgive myself. If only I had (now you fill in the blank...)