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I was reading an article recently that talked of the importance of saving for retirement. It recommended saving ten percent, or more, of your current pay check. I don’t ...
On Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Please take a few minutes to thank the families of America's fallen heroes for their sacrifice. In the next few days, please take two minutes to write a few words of inspiration and thanks that will be read by the families of America's fallen heroes. Please send your message to:
To achieve high success in life, you need: 1. A clear understanding of the world you live in. 2. An understanding of how top gain the edge you need to successfully compete. 3. The development of a positive attitude - an essential for success.
This is page one of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church. Please click on the link.
This is page two of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church. Please click on the link.
This is page three of three pages of the Weekly Bulletin of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan Church. Please click on the link.
Historically, God has been faithful in fulfilling every one of His promises - He began fulfilling this particular one from the moment Jesus resurrected, over 2000 years ago; therefore...
Each Easter, in churches all across America and around the world, Jesus is raised up again and again. However why did He rise? For that matter why did He die? He died to redeem us from, sin and hell itself. But what else? Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law! In this message Dr. Sesley shows how poverty and lack are part of the curse of the law, and we the body of Christ are redeemed from it, glory to God!
Wright Enterprises posts news courtesy of Roberto Y. Hernandez and Carnaval announcing the film benefit "Dolores" at the Brava Theater, November 26, 2017 highlighting the Carlos Santana and Peter Bratt film production of the "Revel, Activist, Feminist," Dolores Huerta.
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre News to Wright Enterprises Courtesy of Gina Snow, Marketing Director, Lorraine Hansberry Theater. Read about Free BATA Reading tonight at the I.T. Bookman Community Center & other great news like the uplifting "Soulful Christmas.!"
Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight highlights "Primed and Prepped" founded by Kelly Armstrong, the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival founded by Eddie Ramirez and other community news.
"Thank you Eddie Ramirez of OneVet OneVoice & Founder of the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival for including Love Separated in Life..."Love Reunited in Honor," directed by Jackie Wright & Jack LiVolsi, in the sixth festival to be held at the San Francisco Library, December 2-3, 2017. "Veterans Day is Everyday" for those who have served to protect the United States of America. Thank you for the opportunity for veterans and their families to tell their stories." Jackie Wright, Wright Enterprises,
Gospel stageplay, I Got a Man, touches down in Miami at the Little Haiti Cultural Center on Nov. 11, promising audiences laughs and inspiration.
From the ISIS and the Baptist church shooter to the fan upset over the kneeling NFL lineman, you are all culprits of the same faulty thinking. Lack of graciousness.
Some time ago I was driving to my office when something unexpected happened. A man and a woman - apparently a couple - were in the middle of the road arguing. The man tried to hold the woman's arms and suddenly, they were both pushing each other and yelling at each other. I got out of my car and...
When you give on #Giving Tuesday. It means YOU are on our team fighting hunger and poverty in Haiti to ensure children and family thrive.
I am known for making “Sven and Ole” stories part of my NAB Conference financial report presentations. When I was 70 years old, I graduated from Bethel Seminary in St Paul, Minnesota with a Master of Theological Studies degree. I proposed the concept of Church Investors Fund and got it up and running.
I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but I have felt his spirit with me these past months; firstly, after doing some research on his life, and secondly, once I visited the battle ground where he fought. You see I was only two years old when my grandfather passed away, but he has become an inspiration to me for what a real a man is like. In a world with few heroes, he...
Since we are redeemed from the curse of poverty, why is that so many Christians are still experiencing poverty and lack. It's due to them committing destructive practices that lead to poverty. In this lesson Dr. Sesley innumerates these practices and how to change.
Universal Pictures has given a generous "more than a snowball chance" to "Snowball Express" to raise funds for its organization to help the families of Fallen Heroes. Read all about the special screening of DreamWorksPicture's "Thank You for Your Service" in theaters October 27th. If you can't attend the fundraiser, don't forget to go to the Snowball Express website and make a generous donation: . You don't have to attend the event to make a difference. See the "Thank You for Your Service Trailer:
Facebook Message Highlights Actress, Director, Producer Terri J. Vaughn of San Francisco as #digitallivesmatter debuts on BET tonight, October 21 at 8 p.m. Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises gives a salute on Facebook and Twitter!
The online dating industry rakes in about $2 billion a year in the U.S. alone. It is growing in revenue but also growing in questions about it. But, is it safe? Here's what makes it good, bad and ugly.
Many of us are, theoretically and intellectually, familiar with grace--confining it to Sundays in our profoundly moving, eloquent sermons. However, we must learn to break past those limitations.
This is what Awesome looks like! See the Amazing journey of the Mission Team led by Pastor Jim Mersereau.
I’ve always loved the “Star-Spangled Banner.” My mind’s eye takes me back to the American Olympian who takes the podium, towering above the silver and bronze also-rans. Yet, due to the racist history of the song, standing is not in order.