Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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I confess that the sheer thrill and adventure of being slipped into Iraq pressed my “go button” and it was tempting to just take off. Yet deep in my spirit, I sensed uneasiness and a warning to wait before the Lord.
The greatest wonder of all? This glorious God says to you and me, “I choose—I greatly desire—to dwell with you in fellowship and love.”
Of course God cares about our physical needs and delights in teaching us ways to profit materially. But even that is to give us the means to bless others through greater generosity rather than build bigger barns only for ourselves.
Those who enlist in God's army will find themselves at war, and spiritual warfare can be far more intense than the greatest battles fought with human weapons.
The devil has fought me more over this little book than perhaps all of my previous books put together. He doesn’t want it printed, read, or put into action. The final challenge in the book will tell you why. You’ll be reminded of, and thrilled by, God’s plan for your own life. And you may choose to use this little book to help as a guide for those you love and pray for.
I want to remind you of God’s awesome love for you. He has promised you that “… I will not in any way fail you...
Do you have hope? In whom or what do you place that hope? Place your hope in God and you will not be disappointed.
Too many Christians blow it by first making the decisions and then asking God to bless it. The Lord is not in the business of blessing wrong decisions and loves us enough to make us pay for them. Always make a mental note of the bad decisions you have made in the past so you don’t repeat them.
When facing big decisions, get all the advice you can from as many directions as you can...Keep your eye out for signposts or trends, but don’t base your decisions on them without checking further...The Bible is the final Supreme Court...
Ours is a generation that has lost its way. As we survey the contemporary religious scene, a burning question should form in our minds: "How can we find God, the true and living God of the Bible, in such a lost generation?"
Each of us is an example—good or bad—to those around us. Each is an open book to family, friends and acquaintances who are reading our lives.
Two spirits want to control your life—the Holy Spirit and the evil spirit called Satan. Two roads call for your attention—one narrow that leads to life and the other wide that leads to death. You make the choice as to which way you will travel...
The universe equals billions of stars grouped in uncountable galaxies. Just one, the Milky Way is where we live—and our solar system is an insignificant part—with our planet earth a grain of sand by comparison...
Internet TV? Over 150 countries, including Israel? Millions of young lives desperate to see with their eyes and feel in their hearts that God is awesome and real? Needing to see examples of flesh and blood taking their stand with Jesus? Needing to know that His love alone can meet their deepest needs?
Take Iran. Syria. Egypt. Africa. The world only sees Islam winning everywhere. That’s an illusion. Jesus is on the move....
“I think we had better get out of here while the getting’s good!” But Lionel just looked at me and smiled. Old Lionel. He is one tough hombre. He was also the pilot of our little boat and had veto power over my fears. I had to trust him.
This talk was delivered by Brother Orin Pinkerton during a youth session of the Jamaica Queens Wesleyan church. Please click on the link.
God is still alive, and well. God is still on His throne. God is still all powerful, all knowing, and omnipresent. Fear God by giving Him the reverence, the respect that He should be given.
Historically, God has been faithful in fulfilling every one of His promises - He began fulfilling this particular one from the moment Jesus resurrected, over 2000 years ago; therefore...
Gentiles discover that they along with believing Jews have been given in Christ intimate access to the Father in heaven.
Today with the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States marks a historic change. However, there have many many changes most of them negative in the financial condition of many of the people in this country prior to today. We can count on more changes in the days ahead some will affect us positively and some negative. How do we face those changes?
Too often we human beings try to live life on our own avoiding the One who has the power to help us live life successfully.
There is not an area of greater confusion than religion! But Jesus Christ came to simplify everything. He came to show us what God is really like. And the image of God that He revealed is surprising! God is the Father you always wanted!
Over the past three years, the numbers have grown who do not believe that God exists. However, the evidence of the existence of God is still there for those who would believe.
I WANT TO BEGIN BY SAYING, The problems you ARE FACING RIGHT NOW will DO ONE OF TWO THINGS. THE PROBLEMS WILL either defeat you or develop you, depending on how you respond to them.