Article Library of Christian Thoughts ∑ January 23, 2019
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We dwell in a very confusing world. One fact is obvious though: sickness is real in our world and all of us sooner or later face an illness or another. Some are quickly healed, others take longer and others never get healed. Some blame it on genetics. Others blame it on the environment, and still others blame God. Who is right in all this? The Bible is the only true source who can reveal this to us. Let us open God's Word and find out!
Weíre daughters of the Most High God! That is wonderful! We have a Daddy above all Daddies, no one can take care of us like Him. Because Heís our Daddy, He wants us to be real with Him.
This is another Miracle Healing from God! Besides healing me from a dangerous cancer 12 years ago, He continue to heal others through our simple prayers. However, the Biggest Miracles yet to COME are the Resurrections and Eternal Life that everyone should looking forward to.
This Message is specially dedicated to the people who decided to come out from Satan's (the Devil's) bondage.
Life is the greatest paradox there is. It is a gift that can hurt. It is vibrantly wonderful and painfully boring all at the same time. There is always something new and exciting, yet we battle the "same old, same old" everyday. We waste it in front of the television, yet the thought of losing it fills our hearts with terror. Life truly is Godís greatest wonder. Isnít it funny how we can have good health, yet still be miserable?