Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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The prenup is one of the most unromantic conversations that make both people seriously uncomfortable and will even be seen as a red flag. As a follow-up to Part I of this article, here are 7 factors to consider if your romantic partner asks you for a prenup or you yourself are mulling it over.
Marriages are meant to be miracles. Instead, many marriages turn out to be nightmares. Why? I believe building a marriage is like building a house. The house needs a firm foundation. So does the marriage.Jesus Christ is the only sure foundation that can turn any marriage into a miracle.
From Hollywood's Monster-in-Law to horror stories we hear from our friends to divorce court episodes about "mama's boys" or, worse, incidents of abuse at the hands of meddling mothers-in-law, it seems this issue may be a real cause for concern.