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Gospel In the Son Outreach and Music Fest will present one of the largest Gospel concerts of 2012 in South Florida on June 9, 2012.
Poet Maya Angelou met comedian Dave Chappelle on Sundance Channel’s show Iconoclasts.

Dave Chappelle asked her about growing up in the civil rights movement and what it meant to have experienced such intense marginalization based solely on the color of her skin and if it ever made her her angry.

“Absolutely,” she said quite simply. “But what you do with anger is you paint it, and you speak it, and you dance it, and you sing it, and you write it, and you sculpt it.”

The act of drowning one’s anger and hurt in art was never more real to the man, Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, Jr., played by Jaime Foxx in this season’s Oscar-worthy film, The Soloist.

This story was inspired by a series of real-life columns written by Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez, who wrote about the plight of a homeless, schizophrenic musician, Ayers, (which eventually was chronicled in Lopez's book, "The Soloist."
According to Black, BET doesn't want to let cat officially out of the bag, but it has officially canceled the '106 & Park' spin-off '106 & Park: Generation Gospel.'
First, it was the tee-shirt plastered with the huge CK emblem across the chest for Christ the King, then it was MyPraise in lieu of MySpace, now we have another Splenda packet of Christian fun – this time brought to us courtesy of the network known for delivering our daily fixes of “let-it-all-hang-out” video vixens draping the arms of tattoo-clad rap stars. Yes, folks. That’s Black Entertainment Television.
For any worship service to go over well, everyone who is participating must be connected. At the same time, if there is anyone in whom a minister needs to connect with most in order for a worship service to really be blessed, it’s the musicians. Music is important. Find out more inside...
Adding chords to your right hand melody will give your piano play a fuller sound AND you can use the Chord-Over-Chord technique as well.
Reginald grew up in Bessemer Alabama. As a child his parents would buy him a toy guitar every year for Christmas, until the age of 12. This is when all the guitar notes started making sense to him. Reginald tried to understand the guitar before hand and could not, but one day he decided to pray to God and his prayer was (Lord if you teach me how to play this guitar I will play it for you the rest of my life to draw people to you).
"When I heard that sermon I then knew that God was trying to reach out to me. He’s always knocking at our hearts door and at that moment I finally let Him in. It took a while for me to finally accept this salvation and give my life to Christ but I eventually did in October 2001. My life has been better ever since!"
Prodigal Son gets deep. "Well i was saved as a kid, because my fam told me to do it.. but i was incarcerated from 13yrs.old-21 off and on.. continuously..but i came to know christ on my own when i was 24 yrs." Check out the rest of his awesome testimony!
This lady has a mission. "Endeavouring to walk worthy of my vocation - TO BE IN TOTAL OBEDIENCE - . Lifting up Jesus to the highest so he may draw ALL men unto himself. Leaving nothing out but to complete wholeheartedly this mission of taking the gospel of Jesus to the four corners of the earth and excelling in righteousness and that I will not preach in others and myself be a castout."
On May 24th Shabach Entertainment is releasing a phenomenal new CD from Timbo titled SOUL SESSIONS. This is his much anticipated debut CD that is full of poetic soulful music. Timbo teamed up with Shabach Entertainment to create a masterful Neo-soul Urban Gospel CD that is sure to please any lover of soul music.
The first Urban Gospel Industry Awards were announced July 17. Winners include: Artist/Group of the Year -- Tonex; Hip-Hop Artist/Group -- The Cross Movement; Reggae Artist/Group -- Christafari
August 16, 2003 we are having a concert with Ezequiel Colon from Puerto Rico. Any information please contact us at 813-885-1667