Article Library of Christian Thoughts January 23, 2019
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In this lesson you will learn that besides faith, God does require you to have integrity in order to receive from him. Many believers are not aware that certain things that they do may hinder them from receiving from God. Although they may see other Saints doing and acting certain ways, that does not justify their behavior with God. So I hope after you have read this lesson you will understand better how to receive from God.
When God is trying to change us, He often asks us to let go of what we hold onto tightly. And that can be hard.
When fear holds us back from beginning something new, we need to be willing to start fresh every day, inspired by the curiosity and courage of the very young.
Every life is a gift. But sometimes that gift is extra special because of the hope it brings in a time of sadness.
Holidays are not always merry and bright, but that doesn't stop Christmas and all its wonder from shining through.
When emotions run wild and fear threatens to take over, it's time to change to an eternal perspective.
Susan Jacobson waited 10 years to be a social worker for 10 years. In that time, God used a lot of other jobs to get her ready.
When the identities you've known are stripped away, see yourself for who you really are -- children of a faithful, loving Father.
Our habits and choices can lead us to either health or health challenges. Kristy Rose reveals how she is replacing her bad habits with good ones.
The way you think, as in the kinds of movies you play in your mind, contribute to feeling like a victim or a victor.
Sometimes we get caught up in all that we are that we lose who we are. But something great happens when you embrace the real you God made you to be.
The habit of spending time with God and His people breaks the habit of negative thinking and replaces it with gratefulness.
God is in the business of transformation. He releases us from our shelters of self-preservation and changes us from the inside out.
A season of cancer challenged everything Sheila believed about God. But it also showed her that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
We can turn to Jesus, the One who knows our heart, talents, and desire to make a difference, for inspiration on what to do with our lives.
Waiting can sometimes feel like you are being neglected, overlooked, forgotten. What if you instead saw it as a way God offers you to strengthen your heart?
It took more than a flip of the calendar to help Kristy Rose reset her life. God was doing a new thing in her life, but it hurt.
Your struggle is never greater than your God. He oversees your life and knows every step you take. The greatest power working in the struggle is the power of elevation. In every season of frustration there is a divine anointing resident to lift you to a new dimension. There is always value just beyond the whirlwind. Stay in your call, grab hold of the anointing, and know that He who is working in you is greater.
Writing thank you notes can be a chore, especially for a kid. But it can inspire an attitude of gratitude to be passed on from one generation to another.
Learning is not easy. We often need to struggle through hard lessons and teachers to fully develop the gifts God has put in us.
Figuring out what to do with the rest of your life is a pressing, confusing question for many people. But there is an answer.
God brings healing and deliverance to your mind and soul when you stop focusing on what you think is wrong with you and instead focus on Him.
God shows us in His word that when we plant good seeds, we will reap the harvest. This is true for many areas of our life including our physical health.
Columnist V. Knowles claims timing and opportunity are the keys to success. They are not capricious. They do not discriminate. They do not shortchange or rob you.
When you are facing fears and anxieties, it is good to analyze and understand them. After gaining an understanding, it is then time to act by acting on God's Word. His Word will give you the peace you need to control the fears you face and develop the faith you need to take you to lasting peace.