Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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One of the largest Hindu temples outside of India will be dedicated in Lilburn, Georgia beginning August 16 and concluding on Sunday, August 26. We are calling intercessors to join us in strategic intercession and declarations over the region, state, and nation to thwart the enemy's plans to establish false worship that holds people captive and keep them from the Gospel of the Kingdom, and to declare God's purposes to release the captives, recover all that has been lost or stolen, and restore true worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.
“Give judgments in your gates for truth, justice, and peace.” Zechariah 8:16 This prayer initiative provides keys to secure the opening of the gates of justice in our land by repentance, intercession, and declaration. We are at an opportune time where the Lord has spoken that we are to boldly declare the restoration and restitution of justice where injustice has prevailed. Join us during this season to pray in unity and faith until we see the manifestation of the Lord's will revealed on the earth.
Most of us have been praying for Israel and the current Middle East Conflict. It is well known that ultimately Iran is in back of the entire conflict. The purpose for engaging Israel in conflict is to get the international community's attention off of Iran and its development of nuclear weapons to an immediate massive problem. So Iran provoked Lebanon to attack Israel by kidnapping the two soldiers. Now everyone is focused on Israel and Lebanon. Read on for more details and directives for intercession.