Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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It's not the size of sin but the sorrow for sin that brings repentance, renewing, reviving and release...
Susan is only 55 years old. Her life has known heartache and loss—hopes raised and then disappointed and dashed—especially by men. Her recent visit to the doctor brought that dreaded word, “You have cancer.” But here is where the story takes an amazing turn.
You can change the direction of your life. It begins with a decision. A decision has to be made. A decision to be obedient to your Lord Jesus.
If we have tested the patience of God by living outside of His will, how do we make the course correction to live as we ought to live?
If you are living in rebellion remember that the Lord Himself has prayed for you and wants you to come back. Turn back and experience a life better than you ever thought possible.
Are you happy with your life? Many millions, perhaps billions of people, are not happy with their lives. It may be time for a change in 2007.
We do not have to live life in reverse. We can shift gears and move forward with the will of God for our lives.
To strengthen that tiny spark of life still in you, remember what you have heard, which you have received from God. Hold fast to it, and repent, turn away from that which is not of God.
Passing the buck will not work with God because He knows exactly what we have and have not done, said, or thought.