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When you ask her out or propose to her and she says she's not ready, what do you do? Relationship expert Tobi Atte offers you 5 ways to handle the rejection.
When we have fallen, whatever the cause, to rise again we should follow the Psalmist's example and cry out to our God for help.
There is a certain approaching eternal disaster awaiting those who do not know Jesus as their Savior.
Cyclist Lance Armstrong's shocking deceit regarding his use of banned substances to enhance athletic performance is used as a springboard to discuss issues surrounding truth versus lying. To display honesty and truthfulness is to reflect God's nature and character. On the other hand, human attempts to deceive others originate with the Devil, the father of lies, and result in unimaginable damage and destruction to both self and others.
Hebrews 6:9-15 (9)But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak. Click Title for more.....
Okay, even Christians are speed dating. And, we're not talking dating quickly to get married. It's the dating three women at one time and then making a decision on who you wanna be with for life thing. Columnist Ana Guthrie blasts the practice.
As single women, we often live in the, "one day when I get a man" fantasy. " We wait to enjoy our lives until we have a man. Why wait? Why not treat yourself to that perfect date...
Micah teaches God's people declare and expose the sins our their country in the light of God's coming judgement.
It is vitally important that you keep a close watch over what is allowed to enter into your heart and life.
Are you a Christian gurner, mentally distorting the Word of God to fit your life, and your circumstances?
The works of the "flesh" and the "works of darkness" could be compared to weeds. Instead of weeds in a flower bed, they are weeds in our lives.
Whether it is the plan of a nation or of an individual, God is aware of those plans, and He can either bless them or He can foil them.
Who you marry is the most important choice you will make next to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It will affect how happy or unhappy you are, how easily you can serve God, how your children will be brought up, your peace and prosperity and many other things.
We become comfortable with our little pet sins, and then we are surprised when they break loose, and cause all kinds of havoc in our lives.
If the wages for your "fun" have increased more than you can stand, it may be time for a change of masters.
The Bible warns against many things, our laws prohibit many things, and our parents tell us not to do other things. Why? Because there are things out there in this world that are very dangerous.
The truth is that God does not like sin. Actually, God hates sin, all types of sin whether they are big sins or little sins.
There will be eternal joy in Heaven when the soulwinner is reunited with those whose lives were touched by the seeds they sowed.
Because Christ has paid the price through His blood for your redemption from sin you are not your own, you belong to God. You are accountable to God for the way you live your life.
The reason that the word "salvation" is mentioned by Jesus, Paul, Peter, and the writer of Hebrews in the New Testament is because there is something to be saved from and that something is hell.
Humility of heart will bring about God's blessings upon your life. Pride, however, will result in God opposing everything that you do.
There are consequences for behaving badly. Some of those consequences are immediate and some are long term. However, you can stop that behavior and begin instead to live your life for God.
What we put into our hearts and lives will eventually flow out through our speech and through our actions.
How often do you share your faith? Every Day, Every Week, or Never? If you are in the never category but would like to share your faith there are some things that you can do.
If strangers showed up at your house and refused to leave would you let them stay? Or, would you do something about it?