Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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He made you to get back up when you fall (or are knocked down)…the best days of your life will unfold before you.
Jesus called the twelve who accompanied Him “disciples.” The word itself is derived from another word—“discipline.” A disciple is one disciplined in the ways and walk of the Master. We are called to a God-controlled life!
Columnist Ana Valeska encourages us to use holy chutzpah when it comes to approaching the throne of grace.
Let Jesus, The Word, be the bit in your mouth that you obey and the rudder that steers and directs your life.
I'll huff and puff and blow your house down!" said the big bad wolf to the little pig as his jaws became full of heated air. With ease the wolf was successful in ravaging that pig's house by blowing it to the ground. It was made of straw and the pig became the wolf’s breakfast that day...sausage and bacon!...Read more inside!
God is the Giver of the Spiritual Gifts and You have these spiritual Weapons at your disposal, According to the power that Worketh in you (Eph 3:20)
Sometimes people give you insights into their lives and nature—without you even asking for a clue. For instance, when someone frequently starts their sentences to you with the words, "I’m not one to gossip, but…." that is the hint and a half that tells you—yes they are!
Paul had been beaten and imprisoned in Philippi, but he thanked God for every memory of his time there.