Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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I wanted you to know there’s more than the action through “Frank and Team.” There is a special lady—my Norma—who has stood at my side through “many dangers, toils and snares.” God’s plan goes on for her—for me—for Shalom—to introduce to the world the unconditional love of God by fleshing out to the world the unconditional love of Jesus.
Columnist Shari Grants stresses the importance of being thankful for both the biggest and the smallest of God's mercies.
Recently, I discovered that I’m a decent public speaker. I disclose this fact not to glorify my so-called talent, but instead to demonstrate how God sees beyond our nervousness or insignificant hang-ups. He wants to radically use us in order to share the beautiful, timeless message of Jesus Christ. First, we need to get over ourselves. I’ll speak for myself. I need to suck it up and simply recognize that the discomfort of unfamiliarity is not nearly as burdensome as the pain of disobeying God’s direction for my life.
My wife loves New York City. It is a vibrant place to be. There is an energy to it that is unmistakable. You feel alive when you hit the streets. It’s like blood pulsing through your veins. Ever been there? It’s a city that doesn’t sleep...
One of the three words that define submission is humility. The other two words are obedience and meekness. All three words are critical, if we are going to know and understand submission. Being humble has to do with, not being proud or arrogant and to put away one’s own importance. To be humbled is, to bring down one’s pride and arrogance...
A problem we have in the western world is that we work so hard and run so fast that the light we receive from Christ burns out in the world. The problem is that we have seen the process reversed due to our love for the world and not Christ. How do I know that?
This is a detailed testimony of my relationships with the people GOD placed in my life. The devil planned for me not to make it but GOD had other plans!