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Over the years, brides have opted for the more traditional bridal hairstyles -- soft romance curls, updos with cascading curls. Now, naturals are breaking free on their wedding day by rocking their twist-outs and afro-puffs.
Single strand knots can occur with natural hair, especially in hair types that have a more kinky and coily appearance. With this hair type, there is generally a lot of noticeable shrinkage and the hair is typically very wiry in texture.
Lehman College in The Bronx, NY will host its second "Take Back the Night" event on Tuesday, April 24 from 2-7 p.m. in The Studio Theatre in the Speech and Theatre building.
God showed me a powerful lesson through tipping at a resteraunt, one Sunday night, not too long ago...
This is an article from Michelle Hammond's website, noted author and speaker to women. She has written dozens of books, and people ask her for tips on how to get a book written and published, and here is her advice!