Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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The Bell No Longer Rings Nehemiah 8:10 “do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (NIV)
For every possible problem that natural hair faces, there is usually a workable solution. From heat damage to mixing hair concoctions, columnist Rossette Allen offers the second set of ABCs that naturals will find useful in their day to day interaction with their natural hair:
In her comeback piece, columnist Ana Valeska puts a bold spin on a wildly popular Glamour Magazine column thanks to her sister-friends who contributed to the list.
NEWD's managing editor shares her exclusive interview with 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee as she and her female cohorts argue African feminism. No burning bras here.
There is a dangerous trend arising among Preaching Women. There are a few who now believe that the only way for them to be successful in preaching ministry is to emasculate themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth! There is no need whatsoever to forsake the lace and grace that mantles your life to be authoritative, powerful or a force to be reckoned with. Let us look at a few case studies in the Word of more inside!
The millihelen is sometimes jokingly defined as the scientific unit of human beauty. This derives from the legend of Helen of Troy as alluded to in Christopher Marlowe's The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships...?" The millihelen is therefore the degree of beauty that can launch one ship. Beheld. Measured. Manipulated. Since the era of Pythagoras and Greek philosophy, this has been the order in which we relate to beauty. We pout in front of bathroom mirrors, we seethe at the enormity of our noses and – now - we even plead with Jennifer Aniston’s cosmetic surgeon to take our case. There’s no wonder that the onset of beauty-centric reality shows have inspired a brand new fixation on the intricacies of the external. One particular show from Hades is the all new, highly irritating ABC show intended to replace Beauty and The Geek. Drum roll, please…True Beauty.
There comes a point in every woman’s life where she purposely pauses along her life path to deeply ponder: What do I have to show for all I’ve been through? Am I on the right path? Is this the life I truly want for myself? Whether she is referring to financial stability, the right husband or man in her life, a certain career position, a child, a successful business, the ideal body weight or simply peace of mind, this soul-searching reflection can be a major turning point. After investing years, tears, hard work and self-sacrifice and not achieving personal contentment, she finds herself at a crossroads in life adamantly declares, “Enough is enough, it’s my time now
While men who seek to take advantage of women in the church are wrong, women have got to take the responsibility of not putting herself in a position to get played. Often times women who have been abused lack the skills or discernment to identify red flags or warning signs (or the common sense) that a man is a playa. If this is the case with you, do not despair, we are going to give some suggestions that will help you to spot a playa!
People say the strangest things to pregnant women. I know this because I am pregnant myself, and people have been popping out of the woodwork to say strange things ever since I declared myself, around the 3-month mark, to be with child.
I am in the process of reading the book titled 'The Power of A Praying Woman' by Stormie Omartian. In the course of our day we as women are constantly being pulled in many directions and by many people (our husband's, father's & mother's, children, extended family, church family, boss, ministry, friends) and the list goes on. As a result of all this pulling and tugging; it forces us into our prayer closet to talk to God. However, once we get there we intercede on behalf of everyone except ourselves. And this is what this book is all about.
Dating for the single Christian woman can be challenging in an age of Internet dating and access to secular clubs specifically designed for meeting the perfect mate. Hear one women's tale.
When we've been crippled by life's situations, hurt by people and traumatized by broken relationships we can be rendered just as incapacitated emotionally, spiritually and even physically.
God answers prayer, but, are you ready for his answer? Read this very encouraging and insightful article by Miss—Celaneous.
'Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?' is a 113 page booklet written by Randy Alcorn that answers that very question.