Article Library of Christian Thoughts · January 23, 2019
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“WHY?” “WHY?” Society’s “experts” seek answers to the problem. But the “experts” are the problem. To millions of youth the word “God” has become just that—a word. Science rules. There is no God. No purpose. No absolutes. No personal importance or value. No one made in the image of God. That’s what the mouths of many educators teach. And that’s what the lives of even many “Christians” declare in the mad pursuit of things.
Say it loud! I'm young and I'm proud! Columnist Ana Guthrie encourages us to use our youth to impact the world as many have done before us. Be a King, a Lincoln, a Peter.
Not only across the country, but across the world, bus drivers are making headlines for accidentally leaving one of their student passengers on the bus after making their rounds. While some have been found in the nick of time, most of these students have died as a result of sweltering heat.
God has delivered those who believe and follow Jesus into a promised land called “heavenly places.” The abundant life in Christ begins with a revelation of that realm and the believer’s right to stand or be seated in it.
The weekend of October 9-11, 2004, The Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention Youth Ministry will be having its Annual Convention and we, here in Philadelphia is the host city. Youth from all over the state will be attending in this fellowship of spiritual education, learning, food, and fun.
You may have not given it much thought, but Christian cliques are a reality in many churches and Christian circles. If you aren't careful, it's easy to form a clique and exclude others, which is not how God intended the Body of Christ to function as this article will point out. Miriam W. Wade, shares with us 12 ways to avoid becoming a Christian clique. She writes, '[Hospitality] is one of the most important rules. You don't want to push people away from God with a nasty attitude.'